Purging Revolution
For Plastic Injection Molding Machines and Extruders

This is a new and unique purging material based on the latest surface chemistry. It purges your equipments by chemical action, and will reduce your total cost of equipment maintenance.

Metal Surface
Making a temporary thin film on metal surface. separating contaminations from metal surface. next material catches the contaminations. the contaminations are held and eliminated.
    After wiping
  • Quick and Easy Removal of Carbon and previous materials
  • Faster Color Changes
  • Cleaning of Mold, Hot-Runnner No Longer Necessary
  • Realization of Less Industrial Waste
  • Lower Electrical Requirements
  • Just on grade covers almost plastics
Do not use Allesklar to PVC because it may cause of making toxic gas.
If you want to try Allesklar on PVC, please contact us.
Alleskalr V.S. Others

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