Utilizing our expertise in the industry, we create business scheme in various aspects, from textile material to apparel.


Around World War II, our company was one of the leading companies for silk yarn and silk fabrics in the USA and Japan.

GSI Exim America, Inc. alongside one of the Japanese leading fiber mills developed the Nylon fiber after Dupont introduced the nylon fiber in 1938 to the American market. In 1960 we became the biggest Nylon supplier in North America.
Until late 1970, Nylon, Rayon, Silk, Cotton and Acrylic were the main fibers that we sold, where we found great success especially with wool fabrics for mens fashion wear.

Tri-Acetate fiber was developed in Japan in the late 1970s, and in the late 1980s
As of today, our main fabrics are Polyester, Cotton, Tri-Acetate, Rayon, Nylon and Silk.

Our Services

GSI Exim America, Inc. offers a wide variety of textiles for ladies and mans apparel. Our products range from exclusive high-end natural fibers and man-made fibers. Our exclusive fabric selection derives from major producers in Asia and Europe.

We are wholesalers, importers-exporters, and manufacturers agents of textile for all apparel needs for men and women.

We have a great team of producers in different countries that provide us with a great array of textiles, with our originality in design and a variety of color combinations to choose from.

We work in direct contact with our parent company GSI Creos Corporation in Japan, which allows us to provide exclusive premium fibers of Japan.our sales of this fabric increased significantly.

Our clientel are exclusive fashion Industries to mass quantity production of Apparel for men and women.

Our product

GSI Exim America, Inc. represents various fabrics from Asia and Europe.
The varieties of fabrics we offer are natural fabric such as cotton, linen, and also man-made fabric such as nylon, rayon, polyester, and acryl. Acetate.
We offer an array of innovative fabrics.

Our fabrics are applied to men and womens fashion. It includes high-end designs and mass production for sport wear, casual wear and formal wear fabrics.

Women--------------dress, blouses, suits, jackets and pants
Men-----------------shirts, pants, suits and jacket
Others--------------------------- lining and others

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