As a part of GSI Creos Group, we GSI Exim America, Inc., owned by GSI Holding Corporation, will create new business opportunities and values to sustain the opportunities.

GSI Creos Corporation is a trading firm that deals with a number of products, including yarn, apparel (outer and undergarments), machinery, chemical products, and scientific instruments, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. GSI Creos Corporation changed its name from Gunze Sangyo, Inc. in 2001. Creos [Cre-Reo-Eos] combines the abbreviations for Create and Reorient, with Eos. Eos is the name for the “Goddess of Dawn” in Greek mythology, and is appropriate to represent the company in the “Dawning of a New Age” in business. The acronym for Global Sophisticated Intelligence is GSI. The Company’s name, “GSI Creos. “ represents its ability to bring new, high-tech, professional, innovative productivity, and new business to the world of commerce. Together, these concepts reflect the mission expressed in its corporate motto: “ Produce The Future.”

Head Office
1065 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10018
Tel: 212-684-5760 Fax: 212-684-5846

Mid-West Office
4770 Duke Drive, Suite 395, Mason, OH 45040
Tel: 513-459-7232 Fax: 513-459-7778

GSI Exim America, Inc. 4/15/1955                              GSI Holding Corporation 3/25/1998

Type of Business
Exporter, Importer, Distributor and Business Creator

Major Products
Fabric/ American casual/ High fashion apparel/ Carbon sblocks and Wires for EDM/ Engineering plastics and elastomers/ Cosmetic raw materials/ Scientific instruments and testing kits/ Devices for semi-conductor production/ Industrial machinery and materials

Tadaaki Yoshinaga 

Hiroyuki Matsuura

07/13/1933 Established Gunze Silk Corporation at New York
05/01/1951 Gunze Sangyo, Inc. re-opened an office in Flushing, NY
04/15/1955 Established Gunze New York, Inc. at New York, NY
10/01/1988 Opened Mid-West Office at Cincinnati, OH
02/22/1990 Changed the name to GSI Exim America, Inc.   EXIM is an acronym of EXport and IMport.
09/02/1997 Moved Mid-West Office to current location
03/25/1998 Established GSI Holding Corporation
08/14/2006 Moved Head Office to current location

1065 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10018
Phone:212-684-5760 | Fax: 212-684-5846
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