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Cleaning availability
  • Thin layer on the surface enables to clean inside effectivley.

  • Cleaning for cusp of screw and check value of extruder are available.
  • Hard to clean the clogged areas and complicated molds.
  • Transforming to liquid over 266°F. There is no residue inside the machine.
  • Noticeable residues.
  • Master-batch. Need only to blend 5% of it into original or other resin of your choice.
  • 100% PURGE material or requires some additional compound.
  • Wide temperature range : 300°F to 750 °F
  • Every kind of resin should be OK
  • Reguires grade selection depending on the temperature and resin.
Friendly for environment
  • Self-discharging, no residue, may be reused.
  • No smell
  • Offensive smell and requires special working area.
  • No-reuse and hard-to-handle discharged PURGE.
Mold availability
  • Available for complex mold and hot-runner
  • Normally impossible
Machine disassembly required ?
  • Preiodical purging enables avoiding disassembling machine to clean inside.
  • Required to disassemble machine due to low performance of PURGE itself.
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